Starkhaus Rottweilers & Frenchies

Located In Westerly RI
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****************​ BREEDERS BLOG ****************

​We would like to take a few minutes to say a thing 
or two about this extraordinary life we have chosen to live....

In making the conscious decision to bring innocent lives into this world, we take this with the utmost seriousness. We hold ourselves to an extremely high standard, and make many sacrifices in our personal lives because the dogs have to come first.  We sometimes do not get enough sleep. We work around the clock to ensure that our brand new babies and our Momma is as happy as they can be. We clean endlessly, and purchase the best supplies we can. We buy the most expensive foods. We have multiple Veterinarians on stand by. We travel frequently for dog transportations, medical appointments, wellness checks, and coordinations with our guardian family homes.  

Our point in all of this, is that no matter how hard we try, no matter how much be bend, we will never break. We will always support the dogs that we produce. We will always have the dogs' best interest at heart first and foremost. 

We will at times make people angry because we will not allow them to do something inappropriate with our dogs. We will say NO. We will not go back on a contract. We will NOT allow anybody or anything to put the life of the dog second to their own need.

 We will stand strong in defending each and every dog we produce. In doing so, it is inevitable that we will in fact piss somebody off... and that is more than okay with us.

 We LOVE our dogs and if that is a problem for someone, 
then they don't belong having one of them.

 If you don't agree with this wholeheartedly, then we are not the breeder for you. We are blessed beyond measure to have thousands of beautiful Starkhaus Families in this world. We cherish all of them. Those folks are more than willing to give a personalized reference outlining their experiences with us.

 As a reputable breeder, we pride ourselves on being open and honest. 

Take care and love one another. 

- The Entire Starkhaus Family